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Core Performance at Sheraton Fitness

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Fitness and life go hand in hand. So Sheraton has partnered with Core Performance. Together, we're providing you with the tools and information you need to perform at a high level - no matter where your life takes you.

Look for breakthrough training programs from Core Performance, just for our members & residents in Sheraton Fitness. But that's just the beginning. In February 2012 we launched Color Your Plate nutrition options on all menus at Sheratons world wide. These menus are designed by Core performance nutritionists and you'll find dining options for better nutritional choices and Core Performance tips that go way beyond your membership/stay. Residents can also avail of exercises and training equipment you can use right in your room (gym in a bag); Video On Demand with informational programming-just ask our highly trained Sheraton Fitness associates.

The Core Performance System is rooted in four fundamentals, all of which are integrated to help you prepare, fuel, train, and rest for success in your daily life. Whether your goal is to complete a triathlon, improve your golf game, or just have more energy to get through the day, Core Performance delivers proven results based on your goals. The four fundamentals of Core Performance success are:

Mindset: Prepare For It

  • Success in the game of life depends on careful preparation and ensuring that you have the right mindset to achieve your goals. Core Performance at Sheraton Fitness provides advice on setting measurable and attainable goals, then provides you with motivation through the Core Performance community.

Nutrition: Fuel For It

  • Effective training requires proper fuel and hydration. Core Performance at Sheraton Fitness provides nutrition insight from leading experts to ensure that your dietary habits and intake reflect your goals, and that your training plan includes a focus upon eating clean and often.

Movement: Train For It

  • Training your body to move efficiently not only helps you look and feel better, but also reduces your risk of injury. With movements that focus upon engaging your body efficiently and effectively, the Core Performance at Sheraton Fitness system helps you perform better in your daily life

Recovery: Rest For It

  • Whether you are a professional athlete, a road warrior, or full-time mom, your body needs rests and recovery. The Core Performance at Sheraton Fitness System includes techniques to help your body recover quickly from exercise, adequate rest to fuel your performance throughout the day, and self-massage and stretching to ensure that your muscles recovery quickly and completely

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